How It Works

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Step 1 - Registration

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You are required to use a registered account to log graffiti incidents. All that is required is a valid email address. This is used to activate your account and receive updates from the system.

Registration is free and simple. Click on the Register menu and follow the prompts.

Watch the video demonstration to the right to see how it's done!

Step 2 - Logging

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You report graffiti on your property or local area using the Report Graffiti menu or the mobile apps.

The data entry wizard steps you through entering the address, uploading digital photos, and locating the incident on a map. You can upload as many incidents as you wish under your Vandaltrak account.

Want to see it being done first? Watch the video demonstration which shows a new incident being logged. A detailed explanation of each step is given.

Step 3 - Monitor

Your Vandaltrak account enables you to follow the progress of the cleaning process for the incidents you raise in the system.

Use the My Account menu to monitor and view the incidents you have raised.

What Happens Next ?

Your participation in raising these issues will assist greatly in tracking graffiti across boundaries and taking up the fight to your local councils and police for appropriate action.

Councils and Facility Groups participating in this scheme will receive your incidents directly for further action. All other incidents will be forwarded by VandalTrak to your local council for action. Meanwhile, the local police authorities in your area will use the data to proactively profile, track and catch the vandals.

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