VandalTrak Rewards Program

Have you seen this Tag?

The information on Vandaltrak is valuable intelligence for investigators, but more can be done.

We need your help to identify the perpetrators.

Our rewards program let's you provide information about graffiti vandalism to the police without being directly involved in the investigation process.

You don't have to give your personal details to VandalTrak when you contact us, but you can provide them if you are willing to talk to the police.

You might be eligable for a reward if your information leads to the identification and arrest of an offender. Rewards are proportionate to the number of tags attributable to the offender, and start at $100.

Reclaim your neighbourhood from mindless vandalism. Together we can put a stop to millions of dollars worth of malicious property damage.

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Information given here is sent directly to Graffiti experts within the Police Force.

Tag Text: haze

Do you know the identity, or have any information that might lead to the identification of the person who did this tag?

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